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Proof: Kepler's 1st Law

Proof: Kepler's 1st Law ( Planetary Law of Ellipses: Sun - Centered Model )

"Geometry is one and eternal shining in the mind of God. That share in it accorded to men is one of the reasons that Man is the image of God." - Johannes Kepler ( 1571 - 1630 )

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Proof: Kepler's 1st LawProof: Kepler's 2nd Law - Polar AnalysisProof: Kepler's 1st Law

Since we are trying to determine a planet's orbital path as an elliptical conic section with the sun at one foci with eccentricityProof: Kepler's 1st Law, it's incumbent to express a planet's orbital radius as a function of angle Proof: Kepler's 1st Law and eccentricity as follows:

Proof: Kepler's 1st Law


Proof: Kepler's 1st Law

However from

Proof: Kepler's 1st Law

we also know that

Proof: Kepler's 1st Law

Hence, a new relationship emerges

Proof: Kepler's 1st Law

Let's now simplify the above 2nd - order differential equation into an even more simple 1st order differential equation as follows:

Proof: Kepler's 1st LawThe Geometry of Elliptical Orbitsrocket escape velocity

Now, as before in the derivation of "Mercury's Orbital Precession Advance of its Perihelion", we set

Proof: Kepler's 1st Law


Proof: Kepler's 1st Lawangular momentum is a constant of integrationMercury's Orbital Precession Advance of its Perihelion

Some Further Eccentricity Relationships

Proof: Kepler's 1st Lawconstant angular momentumMercury's Orbital Precession in Advance of its PerihelionNewton's gravitational potential energy scalar

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Proof: Kepler's 1st Law

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Proof: Kepler's 1st Law Proof: Kepler's 1st LawProof: Kepler's 1st Law
Proof: Kepler's 1st Law