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Relativity Physics and Science Calculator - Catalog

Soon enough with Relativity Physics and Science Calculator's X-Cart shopping cart you will be able to order up via immediate electronic download Einstein's historic General Relativity Physics equations with deep philosophic consequences and their concomitant derivations shown step-by-simple step.

What you will learn is a step-by-step, mathematically logical presentation of Einstein's historic 1915-1916 General Relativity Physics theory beginning first, however, with some prior reading of the earlier pre-Einstein Kepler, Galileo and Newton pdfs to fully appreciate and understand Einstein's 1905 historic Special Relativity Physics.

However, it is entirely within anyone's basic ability in algebra and pre-calculus mathematics to do so plus a desire to learn and understand this historic piece of philosophic insight into nature's mysterious majesty.

Finally, for those who wish for an easy, overall appreciation of the basic ideas of relativity, there are plenty easy relativity pdfs for the ordinary person such as 'why is time relative?' and 'relative to what?'.

So take your time, go slow ... and good luck!

PS: The prices quoted here are truly very nominal ( ranging from $0, $3-4 to normally $6-8, up to $35-40 for a few high-end items ) given the overall amount of study and time devoted to each and every relativity topic and equation you'll find herein. In the future, also, there should be available composite CDs encompassing an entire category of subject matter offered at discount.

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