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Einstein: Part III - Some Consequences of EFE
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Einstein: Part III - Some Consequences of EFE

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So what good would Einstein ( EFE )'s equations be if there weren't some practical consequences as can be shown from astronomical observations? 

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Here we delve into answering some practical questions such as the following; or, at least "practical" insofar as astronomers try to discern answers to some vexing yet deeper problems which really only so far has Einstein's EFE equation been able to provide solutions: 

1). Mercury's Perihelion Advance in its orbit around the Sun;

2). General Relativity: Deriving Newton's Laws of Motion and Gravity;

3). Gravitational Time Dilation and Red ( Spectral Line ) Shift ... this gets into gravity lensing; 

4). Gravitational Waves now newly discovered since September 2015 will in the very near future proffer another alternative yet extremely powerful means besides optical and radio telescopes to probe deepest space;

5). Finally, but the very least not to be forgotten, Black Holes: Masters of the Universe! 


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