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energy conservation and the doppler effect-video/no printing
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energy conservation and the doppler effect-video/no printing

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The Doppler Effect tells practically everything there is to know regarding time dilation ( slowing of clocks or clock progression ) or the 'relativity of time' and its effect upon the red shifting of incoming photons and their equivalent wave-function frequencies from far distant corners of the cosmos.

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Doppler Effect
All waves travel outward from a source: either ripples of sound or water waves or ripples of light waves, so to speak, from a source of photons. Now whether the source or the recipient of such waves are in relative motion to each other, the frontal waves are compressed whereas the trailing waves are lagging or extended. This is directly related to the wave frequencies of their timing and energy content. Hence in Doppler for relativity physics and therefore in cosmology, we have a direct insight into electromagnetic (radioactive) energy content and relativistic clock time of the wave source! This all in addition to the chemical composition and properties of the light wave source from its spectrographic "colors", visible or otherwise.