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Explaining mass as a variable-printing
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Explaining mass as a variable-printing

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Remember this: if you stay with a body ( or particle ) of possessing mass, called proper or rest mass, the amount of mass is constant! Common sense.

It is only when you are stationary and stand back, so to speak, and then measure the amount of mass a moving body ( or particle ) has, that you will both observe and hence measure different amounts of mass directly related to the velocity of the passing body of mass!! And, logically, different observers at different positions in spacetime will simultaneously measure different amounts of mass of the exact same body possessing mass. 

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Gravitational Mass vs. Relativistic Mass vs. Inertial Mass
Gravitational Mass ( rest or proper mass ) determines gravitational attraction.

Relativistic Mass in matters of motion and energy.
Relativistic Mass can never be used to calculate the gravitational attraction of an object.

Inertial Mass in f=ma per Newton's 2nd Law of Motion.

note: Gravitational Mass == Inertial Mass
          mathematically for all practical purposes.