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explaining speed of light-video/no printing
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explaining speed of light-video/no printing

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Simply put, anything allowed to go faster than the speed of light would in effect mean that all of the universe's available energy would be consumed in this one fantastic effort and hence everything else, including ourselves, will be turned into pure energy according to Einstein's famous equation e=mc2.

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Riding Light from Sun to just past Jupiter
Riding a light photon from the surface of the Sun to just past Jupiter out to Saturn seems an incredible journey given the vast distances involved and the comparable speed of light in the vacuum of space. However, in the scheme of our solar system as compared to the vastness of the universe way, way beyond Earth and Jupiter, the speed of light is nevertheless inversely incredibly slow!!

note: given the incredible nature of this animation, you may download this entire 45 minute video to your desktop for more careful viewing of distances and time by holding down the Control key on your Apple keyboard. Windows? Dunno.