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explaining speed of light-video/printing
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explaining speed of light-video/printing

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Simply put, anything allowed to go faster than the speed of light would in effect mean that all of the universe's available energy would be consumed in this one fantastic effort and hence everything else, including ourselves, will be turned into pure energy according to Einstein's famous equation e=mc2.

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The Causalities of Light
If the speed of light were instantaneous, or c= ∞, all locations communicate instantaneously and therefore there is no need for time nor distance. That is, all causalities of cause and effect become meaningless since all locations communicate instantaneously. In fact, everything that is substantially anything is pure energy without there being anything exhibiting ponderable substance such as mass as a subset of matter. Hence, space-time itself becomes meaningless as the time dilation and length contraction of Special Relativity become infinite. All radiations are massless traveling at infinite speeds since it would take an extra amount of energy to recreate any such small amount of mass but, again, for which there is no extra energy for such an achievement.

And here's the final logical kicker: anything possessing mass slows down any sort of electromagnetic propagation including light itself. Hence, for our reality to exist with ponderable substances possessing causality, nothing can travel faster than the massless photon ( - i.e., massless while at rest in its own frame of reference ), the carrier of light!