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Mercury Perihelion Advance-video/no printing
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Mercury Perihelion Advance-video/no printing

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After having taken into account Newton's inverse - square Law of Universal Gravity for the various other gravitational perturbative effects due to the other 4 inner planets of venus, earth and mars including the effects of the sun, which takes its largest value in the case of mercury's orbit determined with observational certainty, only the last 43 arcsecs per century remainder in the residual precession rate in the longitude of mercury's perihelion, not explainable alone by Newtonian gravity, is adequately accounted for, well within the bounds of experimental error, by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity mathematics first presented to the Prussian Academy of Science in November 1915 and subsequently successfully applied to "Mercury's Problem" throughout the period of 1915-1916.

That is, only the last 43 arcsecs per century remainder of mercury's unaccounted perihelion advance ... is adequately accounted for ... by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity mathematics!!

This then became the first successful test for Einstein's General Relativity mathematical physics theory for gravity.

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