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Philosophical Meanings of Relativity-no printing
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Philosophical Meanings of Relativity-no printing

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The epistemology ( "theory of knowing" ) of relativity essentially asks the eternal Plato question of 'appearance vs. reality' where now even the meaning of "reality" is brought starkly into question. Further to all this is the fact that the ultimate human condition in the cosmos is tragically doomed as will all other intelligent life due to the unremitting expansion of the universe into a dissipated lack of energy and dark heartless cold from which there will be no escape.

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Professor Renate Loll - What is time?
A more precise definition of time is given by Relativity Science Calculator author:

Time is an accounting of the relative motions of bodies. And how we keep "score" is by means of human - invented clocks and calendars.

1). no motions: no time;
2). no bodies in motion: no time, no spacial distances;
3). no time, no spacial distances: logically no spacetime;
4). finally if no space-time, therefore no causality - i.e., no cause-effect.