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Einstein: Part I - General Relativity Algebra Basics

Here you get some basic math tools for GR: algebra; brush up on your very basic calculus; then expand upon your basic Euclid right triangle by adding a 4th axis.

You do not need a Phd. in either physics or math ... just apply yourself. You will get it.

Sale price: $30 bucks knocked off from $52. Discount: 42%, pretty good!


Einstein: Part II - Einstein Field Equation ( EFE / Gravity )

Advance to Einstein's gravity equation.

Sale price: $90 bucks, down from $110. Discount: 18%, not bad.


Einstein: Part III - Some Consequences of EFE

Learn how and why light bends; what about gravity waves and why they travel no faster than the speed of light; and importantly learn some insights into black holes especially the event horizon.

Sale price: cool $100 bucks from originally $130. Discount: 23%, for by now you'll be entered into a rare world of deeper understanding of the world and our universe. Yes! 


Finally, you'll be able to fundamentally understand Einstein - Newton: